Asset & Property Management

Our Asset and Property Management Team work together to maintain our properties for our residents. The team works diligently to make sure residents’ needs are met, the buildings are properly maintained, and appeal to stakeholders by complying with all governing regulations.

Our asset management staff oversees all aspects of LEScoalition’s portfolio. One of the main foci/aspect of our asset management staff is compliance with all government agencies and regulations. Staff members are trained in Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and HOME regulations, certified TaCCs professionals & Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) certified.

Our staff has also been tasked with reviewing the financial performance of the portfolio. Staff members make sure all of our individual projects are operating at peak performance without high or unnecessary expenses.

Our property management staff handles the day-to-day operations of the residents’ needs. Tenant billing and collection, vendor payments, tenant concerns and violation removal are part of the property management staff’s daily tasks.  

Our maintenance staff is the first point of contact with our building residents. They are primarily live in supers and porters tasked with physically keeping our buildings running at optimal performance. From small repairs to full apartment turnovers, our maintenance staff is equipped to handle the task at hand.